There have been many changes in Thornton Steward over the past few years. One has been that Covid provided the opportunity to make changes to The Institute and improve the fabric of the building. With an internal makeover underway by Alec and after cleaning, it is due to be reopened.

Secondly, a number of the Trustees of the TSIF have moved to new pastures and it is good to welcome new people to start to enjoy the facility. New Trustees from the whole of the Parish are needed.

Because of the legal changes that were finally completed in 2019, it means that the onerous requirement that they have a liability is now removed. In the past, the Trustees and supporters have organised community activities from fetes to themed dinners; ceilidhs; barbecues to yoga, pilates and table tennis and public health courses.

The main income over the past few years has been from walkers/ramblers and it is very much on their map. Coffee and tea making facilities were available via a donation and this will be reinstated.

Help is always needed on a rota basis to monitor the kitchen and the toilets so that both these and the income of the facility can be maintained. All practical skills are most welcomed as they are so useful in the upkeep of the building. If we do not get new Trustees very soon it places a heavy burden on just two Trustees and two helpers who are residents in Thornton Steward.

Please consider joining them. Have a chat with Jim Brierley – the Chairperson – who can pass you information about it. Tel. 01677 460066 

For And On Behalf Of The Trustees of The Thornton Steward Institute Foundation

06 September 2021Meeting at Old Hall Cottage on Sunday 12 September at 3pm to discuss Church Services in Thornton Steward

Pre-Covid, services in Thornton Steward were monthly, March – December. 

This meeting has been planned in order that parish residents' views can be heard on what is wanted regarding church services in Thornton Steward.

It will be held at Old Hall Cottage (the home of Richard and Sue Calvert) on Sunday 12th September at 3pm and there will be CAKE!

30 August 2021Wheels 2 Work

Wheels 2 Work is a not for profit moped loan scheme, that helps people get to work, apprenticeships, or training, where no other form of transport is available.
Eligible candidates receive a moped after they have completed the compulsory basic training (CBT).

To be eligible for the scheme you must:

- Live in Hambleton, Harrogate or Richmondshire areas
- Be 16 or over
- Require transport to travel to work, apprenticeships or training
- Have a daily journey that is a practical distance for a moped
- Have no other suitable from of transport
- Have a provisional licence

During the loan period candidates are encouraged to save up for their own transport to maintain access to the workplace.

How much will it cost?

Riders are required to make a weekly contribution starting at £25.00.  For this sum, candidates are provided with:

- A Moped
- Fully comprehensive insurance
- Road tax
- Full moped servicing

Riders will also need to make an initial contribution of £40 towards safety equipment (which includes a helmet, motorcycle jacket, trousers, gloves and reflective jacket if required). 

A bond of £150 will also be required which will usually be refunded when you leave the scheme subject to certain conditions e.g user contributions being up to date etc. 


If you live in Hambleton, Harrogate or Richmondshire areas and wish to apply for Wheels 2 Work please Apply Online.

If you have any other queries please email, or call 01609 780458.

30 August 2021Rehabilitation services for people who suffer from alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction.

Our Parish Clerk has received an email from Boris Mackey, community outreach manager at Rehab 4 Addiction, which is an advisory and referral service for people who suffer from alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction. 

Boris described how he and his colleagues assist thousands of people experiencing issues with addiction and/or mental health and that they are always looking at ways of capturing the attention of others who may not be aware of the organisation's existence.

They have put together a resource page on their website for people living in North Yorkshire who may be experiencing such issues and it can be found here:

(This can also be found on our village website 'Links' page.)

13 July 2021YOGA classes in The Institute

Our Parish Clerk has recently found a yoga teacher who would be happy to run a weekly yoga class in The Institute. The charge for a session would be £8 or £7 if you book a block of sessions. The sessions would probably be on a Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday.

The sessions would be for anyone and Vicky is sure that the teacher would pitch the level according to the ability of the group. The teacher is new to the area, just starting out and very keen.

Anyone interested should email Vicky at

13 July 2021COMMUNITREE Tree Planting in Communities across Richmondshire

Our Parish Clerk has received a letter from the Richmondshire Climate Change Partnership, inviting communities across the district to help tackle climate change by participating in a tree planting scheme this autumn / winter. Trees, shelters and posts could be provided free of charge by the partnership and/or District Council, but volunteers are invited to plant the trees and to look after them subsequently. The main part of the letter is shown below and the full letter, including guidance on site selection and soil type, can be see by clicking here.

Vicky has sent a reply indicating an interest but needs to find out if villagers want to do this and if so, ideas on where trees could be planted.

Please send your thoughts to Vicky by email at

Dear Sir/Madam,

COMMUNITREE Tree Planting in Communities across Richmondshire

This letter is to invite your Council or Meeting to participate in a community tree planting programme this autumn/winter. The Council, in partnership with the recently formed Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership Group, would like all the communities across the district to take part, and through this programme, we can support you all the way.

Trees are a very visible and attractive way for you to demonstrate that your organisation is tackling climate change, and tree planting projects can be a great way of bringing the community together. Trees can help to tackle climate change by taking the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, out of the atmosphere and can help to reduce overheating in built up areas. There are 54 Town and Parish Councils and 26 Parish Meetings across the district, and we would like to see each Council or Meeting plant up to 30 trees over this coming autumn/winter period, on sites which are accessible to the general public and safe from damage by livestock, e.g., public open spaces, village greens, churchyards, sports grounds etc. Trees, shelters and posts can be provided free of charge by the Partnership and/or District Council, but we would look to you to identify volunteers to plant the trees and look after them subsequently. Advice can be given on any aspect of the planting, if needed.

At this stage, we are looking for expressions of interest, so that we can gauge how many trees, volunteers and other support you might need – no firm commitment is necessary at this stage but if you can commit
now, then that’s great! 

If you are interested in being involved, please could you complete and return the attached/enclosed expression of interest form to no later than Friday 6 th August
2021, or if you do not have e-mail, post to Climate Change Officer, Richmondshire District Council, Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond, DL10 4JX. If you think your Council or Meeting will want to be involved
but you cannot meet this deadline, please get in touch saying when you think you will be able to respond.

Yours faithfully,
Valerie Adams
Climate Change Officer
(01748) 901136
(On behalf of Valerie Adams, Richmondshire District Council and Bob Sampson, Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership)  


07 July 2021Defibrillator

Thornton Steward has a defibrillator and it can be found in a cabinet on the wall behind the Institute.

Full instructions can also be found in the cabinet and the machine would guide you through the steps to take, if and when the need arises.

However, anyone wishing to know more now can see this information on the 'Defibrillator' page of the website.

03 June 2021Planning Application Consultation Letter

The Parish Meeting has received a consultation letter from Richmondshire District Council following the submission of a planning application relating to the property 'Moorlinch'. 

The letter can be seen by clicking here and details of the proposal and all of the submitted documents can be viewed using the link below:

22 May 2021Annual Governance and Accounting Statements, 2020-21

The Annual Governance and Accounting Statements for 2020-21, which were approved and signed at the AGM held on 13 May 2021, are now available on the Parish Meeting Accounts webpage which can be seen by clicking here.     

19 May 2021Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13 May 2021

This year's AGM was kindly hosted outside in the garden of Honeysuckle Cottage, due to the Covid restrictions. The minutes can be seen by clicking here and the accounts will be available to view in the next few days.


20 April 2021Parish Annual General Meeting, Thursday 13 May 2021

Due to the current guidelines please read the following notes regarding the management of this meeting.

▪  The meeting will be held (weather permitting) to the rear of Honeysuckle Cottage, opposite the Notice board and bus shelter.  Many thanks to Jim and Carol for offering the use of their garden.  This is due to the Institute currently undergoing building works and being out of use. 
▪  Social distancing measures will be in place and adhered to.
▪  Hand sanitiser will be provided, and face masks must be worn.

1. The Annual Return 
2. Resignation of current Parish Clerk
3. Appointment of new Parish Clerk
4. Request for support towards running costs of the Institute. 
5. Request for £320 to buy and fit a new notice board in the bus shelter, protected from adverse weather conditions. 
6. AOB
Angela McCormack 
(Clerk to Thornton Steward Parish Meeting)

30 March 2021Appointment of Clerk to Thornton Steward Parish Meeting

Hello everyone,

I am now able to update you on the previously advertised role of village clerk. This role was circulated via email, the village website and on the notice board from January 28th, 2021.  As no one else has come forward, I am very happy to let you know that Vicky Buczak of Cherry Cottage has kindly offered to take over this role from 1st April.  The next meeting will be the AGM to discuss the AGAR (Annual Governance & Accountability Return). It will include the subsequent transition of clerk's position and a vote will take place to this effect. 

Many thanks for all your support. I will be in touch again very soon with information regarding the forthcoming AGM. 

Warmest regards 
Angela McCormack  (clerk to TSPM) 

26 February 2021Planning Applications relating to the Stable Block at Danby Hall

Richmondshire District Council has received planning applications for the conversion of the East Part of the Stable Block at Danby Hall to Offices. The Council has written to the Thornton Steward Parish Meeting inviting any observations. For details of how to view the proposal and related documents, please click here.

21 February 2021The Thornton Steward Institute Foundation - Mission Statement and Policies

Due to Coronavirus, it is not possible to use The Institute at present, but in preparation for when it is safe to do so, the Trustees of the Institute Foundation have made available the Mission Statement and Policies. These, along with a Booking Form can be seen and downloaded by clicking the links below:

Thornton Steward Institute Foundation Mission Statement and Policies

Institute Booking Form

27 January 2021Vacancy for the role of Clerk to Thornton Steward Parish Meeting

Vacancy for the Role of
Clerk to the Thornton Steward Parish Meeting

Hello Everyone, 

As you may know, I no longer live in the beautiful village of Thornton Steward and as such, have decided to resign from my role as Clerk with effect from the end of the financial year 2020/21. This, of course, now leaves a vacancy for someone else to take over, from April 1st 2021.  

The position is not an onerous one, but entails: 
•    Forwarding relevant emails for circulation. 
•    Preparing and circulating notices of meeting Agendas.
•    Minute taking during Thornton Steward Parish Meetings (to include typing them up before circulation.)
•    Liaising with various services to the village and arranging payment of invoices (grass cutting, relevant insurances etc., as well as listening to members of the village and acting on any concerns raised.)
•    The position includes keeping a record of cheques and purchases before uploading to our current financial officer (Victoria at Many Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services), along with compiling the Annual Return, signing and returning it to the Auditors. 
•    Guardian to the Village Green. 
•    Other incidentals.

Although this is a voluntary role, it carries an Honorarium payment of £500 paid at the end of each financial year.

I will happily support any interested persons through the process and be a friendly voice at the end of a phone or email. 

Please email Angela at if you would like further information or are interested in taking over this role. 

Warmest Regards
Angela McCormack (Clerk to TSPM)

24 January 2021Poems by Mr Percy Sadler, former resident of Thornton Steward

Mr Percy Sadler was born in Thornton Steward in 1931 and left to join the police force in 1958. He has been thinking of the village a lot recently and since circulating his very kind Christmas greetings to us all in December, we have received some wonderful poems written by him, along with some photographs.

The poems can all be seen below and are entitled: 





Percy Sadler at Manor Farm, Thornton Steward. 1958

I was once a country lad who had no airs or graces,
My baggy cords were held up tight with binder twine and braces.
I had some old green wellies that were far too big and worn,
They filled themselves with old hay seeds and many grains of corn.

My jacket made from Harris Tweed was my greatest pride and joy,
Something worn for many years since I was just a boy.
The problem came when I grew tall and muscle bound I be,
It was so worn and shabby, but good enough for me.

My youthful years were pleasure spent with work upon the farm,
It seemed the life that lay ahead lacked challenges and charm.
I considered that the time had come to seek out pastures new,
My heart was set, I had to go and seek success with the boys in blue.


Inspector Percy Sadler at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 1988




Yes I am a wise old owl who lives in an old stone barn,
It sits beside an ancient farm where I feel safe from harm.
The barn sits low on a Dales hillside, beside a spring fed stream,
It is a place of woodland, fields and meadows that create the perfect scene.

By day my perch is an old oak beam up in rafters high,
Slits in the walls of the crumbling barn give me a view of the open sky.
I am by nature nocturnal, so I sleep where I find shade,
As evening falls and sunlight fades, I start my hunt in woodland glades.

Swiftly and silently I wing my way to hunt my favourite prey,
With big round eyes and powerful sight I hunt at end of day.
As sunlight fades to shades of grey and the moon begins to glow,
With twinkling stars and moonlight beams I know it’s time to go.

I hear the sound of rustling in high vegetation below,
I see a scurrying movement, it is time to strike my blow,
I open wide my talons and take a sure swift dive,
It is unfortunate for the little vole but I have got my prize.

I am never troubled by other birds of prey,
They seem so very frightened of the talons I display.
If you hear loud hooting it will for sure not be me,
It will be a tawny owl calling from a distant woodland tree.

My plumage is of the very best and looks like silken down,
My face looks like a heart of pure white to complete my special gown.
The farmers treat me with respect and give me privileged space,
When I patrol the countryside I do it with good grace.

If you ever see me when you’re on walkabout,
I hope I give you pleasure of that there is no doubt.
We owls are not so often seen throughout the daylight hours.
So, take a walk late evening when the pleasure will be ours.

I am sure you will take pleasure on a lovely moonlit night,
You will see the silver moonbeams that will give so much delight.
The serenity and silence that pervades the lovely scene,
It is a place that you may wish, that you had always been.

From the heart of a Dalesman.    P.Sadler




When you take your first breath and your life doth unfold,
Were you born in a Hovel or a Mansion with gold,
You do not have a choice on life, or how it comes to pass
So take your future in your hands regardless of your class.

Life is such a precious gift so grow up kind and strong.
Be truthful and honest with yourself, and others as you pass along.
If you were born to poverty it was only just by chance.
The same applies to being rich, which the future may enhance.

You only have one life to lead, don't squander it on evil deed.
Grow up with pride and dignity, and in your learning do take heed.
The knowledge gained will benefit you and others all around.
Follow the path that is straight and true and treasures will abound.

Live your life in freedom and let conscience be your guide.
Find some time for others, and in friendship do abide,
Let care and loyalty be yours throughout the passing years,
Kindness and understanding will avoid so many tears.

Life can not a bed of roses be, of that you must be sure,
Have the strength and fortitude the hardships to endure.
Measure yourself in distance whatever be the length,
When the going gets hard and rough, show your inner strength.

P. Sadler




Take my hand and walk with me in the valley of my home,
Share the treasures of my life where once I used to roam.
See the changing season and the beauty of it all,
Allow me space and privilege for my memories to recall.

Gone now snow from winter’s bough, as ice retreats by rising sun.
Buds burst forth in cloaks of green to welcome a season just begun.
Up on high in clouded blue a hovering skylark trill at birth of spring,
Whilst church clocks chime, reminder of a time that only memories bring.

Let me wander in a country lane with head held high in clouded bliss,
A life so ready to recall when now in modern times I truly miss,
Mind devoid of reckless thought with misted memories now held dear,
Flowery meadows, butterflies in flight and birdsong music to the ear.

Let me feel the cool fresh air of dawn as mists rise from the valley floor,
Once again to see the dew drops hang like jewels in the early sunlight glow.
Away on high I hear the curlew calling by yonder distant wooded fell,
Deep memories held so close and dear, casting forth their mystic spell.

No longer may I linger in the treasured memories that I hold,
Sadly I must now move on and allow the rest of life’s journey to unfold.
I release your hand of friendship and bid farewell to the place I used to roam.
My Wensleydale you will always be remembered as THE VALLEY OF MY HOME.

Percy Sadler



23 December 2020Outdoor Carol Service - Thank you to all who attended and for your generous donations

Members of the church would like to thank all those of you who braved the elements on Friday 18 December to make the outdoor carol service such a success. It was heartwarming to see so many of you there and to hear the choir singing the carols.

Many thanks to those who read the lessons and to everybody who contributed so generously to the £240 collected at the end of the service. This was very much appreciated.

09 December 2020Christmas Greetings to us all from a former resident of the village - Mr Percy Sadler

We have received the following email from Mr Sadler:

I have just been giving a thought to the Village with its old lead pump and Institute together with other features that form part of my memories, having lived in the village during the war years.  

I was resident in the village from  the date of my birth, 1931 until I left work at Manor Farm to join the Police Service in 1958.

I have a lot of memories tucked away in my mind of days that used to be.
I have a Special Interest in the Village since my Dad was drowned near Jervaulx Abbey along with a colleague of his when I was only five years of age.

This email has only been sent to wish all the residents of the Village a



09 December 2020Come along to the 2020 Thornton Steward Carol Service - Friday 18th December at 6:30 pm on the village green

This year, the carol service will be held outside on the village green. There will be only four lessons and the choir will be there to sing the carols.

Please keep a safe distance and wear masks, wrap up warmly and bring a torch. (Chairs, too, if standing would be a problem.)

Sadly we are unable to serve refreshments this year, but you can be sure of a warm welcome! 

09 December 2020Minutes of remote Parish Meeting held on 3rd December 2020 to agree Annual Precept for 2021-22

It was agreed during the meeting to increase the Parish Precept by £100 to £2,400 per annum.

Minutes from this meeting, held online via Zoom because of the Covid-19 pandemic, are now available on the Parish Meeting pages of the website and can also be seen by clicking here

23 November 2020Parish Meeting - Online via Zoom to agree the Parish Precept for 2021/22, Thursday 3rd December 2020 at 6pm

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the next Parish Meeting will be held online via Zoom and the agenda is as follows:

1.   Welcome to our virtual meeting.
2.   Take register 
3.   Parish Precept.  Should our request remain at £2,300 for the year 21/22 or be increased by £100 to £2,400? Discuss and vote, include any votes submitted previously by paper and signed/dated before 20th November 2020.
4.   A.O.B

Details on how to participate in the meeting can be found on the village noticeboard or by emailing 

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