Village Pump Restoration 2018

Current situation:

Maintenance completed - the posts for the railings have been protected, with metal and all repainted, as well as the pump.

Alternative restoration and improvement action:

  • source a replacement pump       (the original is no longer there)
  • remove the railings                   (there were none in the past)
  • replace the concrete                  (with a stone or cobble surface)
  • plant additional flowers
  • re-site the litter bin

What would you like to see?

'The village pump is an important focal point within the central green and although not an ancient structure its position and presence is important in the conservation area.'

'The retention of the remains of the wash stone at its foot is to be welcomed.' 

'The village pump has been set in a concrete base when it was restored although perhaps here a stone surface would have been more traditional.'

(Reference: Thornton Steward Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan 2009)

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