Thornton Steward Wetland - The Pound

The Pound in Thornton Steward was orginally encompassed by stone walls. These fell into disrepair and the area has changed over the past decade. We have been very fortunate to have received the input of Dr.Roger Key who undertook a survey of the area. In addition CPRE have kindly provided a grant to enable us to undertake work suggested in Dr. Key's report in Spring 2015.
The objectives of seeking a survey were varied but at the core to retain a historic area in a realistic way that could provide interest to all ages in the Parish. It is a site that could be used by local schools in which to undertake a range of structured and supervised surveys of their own. It may well also be of interest to visitors who come to this area.

Click here to view Dr Key's report, which includes photographs of The Pound and a wealth of information about the geology and plant species observed during his visit. Marsh Marigolds are among the plants identified and their beauty has been captured in photographs taken in spring 2016 by resident Mark Hutchinson (of For Walls, Darlington). Click here to see them.


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