16 August 2022Agenda for Thornton Steward Parish Meeting, Tuesday 6th September 2022, 6.30 pm at the Institute

1/ Agree minutes from last meeting 31/05/2022

2/ Update on voluntary registration of village green

3/ Update on application to Area Partnership Funding scheme 

4/ Discussion and vote re moving the defibrillator to the bus shelter (if an electrical connection is possible)  

5/ Discussion and vote re pruning of trees on the village green

6/ Update on planes that are frequently flying over the village

7/ Discuss and set precept for 2023

11 June 2022 Annual Governance and Accounting Statements, 2021-22

The Annual Governance and Accounting Statements for 2021-22, which were approved and signed at the AGM held on 31 May 2022, are now available on the Parish Meeting Accounts webpage which can be seen by clicking here

06 June 2022Minutes from the Parish Annual General Meeting held on 31 May 2022

Please click here to see the minutes from this meeting.

12 May 2022Parish Meeting in the Institute, Tuesday 31st May 2022

Agenda for village meeting 31 st May 2022
18.30 in the Village Institute

1/ Agree last minutes
2/ Brief update regarding recent problems, from Chief Inspector Mark Gent RSCPA  
3/ Annual Return
4/ Request of £500 to support running costs of The Institute
5/ Update on vote on voluntary registration of village green
6/ Update on Thornton Steward Social group
7/ Update on Unauthorised development and mis-use of agricultural land at Back Lane
8/ Update on Fibre Broadband
9/ Would anyone be willing to take over the role of looking after the village email distribution?
10/ Would anyone like to take over the role of parish clerk?
11/ AOB

28 March 2022Minutes from the Parish Meeting held on 22 March 2022

Please click here to see the minutes from this meeting.

18 March 2022Updated Agenda for Parish Meeting in The Institute, 22 March 2022

Updated Agenda for Parish Meeting to be held on 22nd March 2022
at 18.30 in The Institute 


1/ Agree last minutes

2/ Vote on voluntary registration of village green

3/ New signatory required for investment account

4/ Update on Thornton Steward Social group 

5/ Vote on planting some apple trees/trees, at the entrance of the village by the bench, as part of Jubilee celebration

6/ Discussion re replacing one heater that does not work in the institute

7/ Insurance for conference chairs in the village institute

8/ Update on Unauthorised development and mis-use of agricultural land at Back Lane.

9/ AOB

28 February 2022Thornton Steward Social Events, starting with Quiz Night on Saturday 5th March

As we open back up after restrictions and welcome lots of new residents to the village, we are building out a series of events to enable the village to come together. Re-invigorating some of the old traditions and introducing new ones, we will use the Platinum Jubilee as a climax for events over the next few months.

The first of these is a Quiz Night on Saturday 5th March at 7:30pm in The Institute. Bring your own drinks and nibbles. The fire will be lit and the tables set. All we need is you!

Click here to see Issue 1 of the Thornton Steward Social newsletter,  setting out details of what else is planned over the next few months.

25 February 2022Your Church Needs You!

You are warmly invited to an all-inclusive meeting in The Institute on Monday 28 February at 6:30pm to discuss ways that we can help raise funds and incorporate the church into village life.

The rectors will also be available to update us on the services planned for the year so far.

14 January 2022Minutes from the Parish Meeting held on 12 January 2022

Minutes from this meeting, which was very well attended, can be seen by clicking here.  

09 January 2022Parish Meeting in the Institute - Amended Agenda

The agenda for this Parish Meeting has been amended to include two further items and it can be seen by clicking here. The original agenda was published along with details of a planning application to be discussed at the meeting and these can be seen by clicking here.

23 December 2021Parish Meeting, related Planning Application details and the Thornton Steward Village News facility

Please click here to see the agenda for the first Parish Meeting of 2022 on the 12th January, along with details of a planning application which is one of the items for discussion.

Also included is a reminder of the Thornton Steward Village News facility, which provides a quick and easy way of circulating and receiving relevant information on village matters. Details of walks, social events, road works, planning applications etc. can all be circulated and seen using this facility by anyone with an email address and it is done using the BCC address option, ensuring that all email addresses are concealed.

02 December 2021Minutes from the Parish Meeting held on 30 November 2021

Please click here to see the minutes from this meeting, which was held in the Institute and very well attended. 

21 November 2021Agenda for Parish Meeting, 30 November 2021 at 18:30

The next Parish Meeting will be held in The Institute on 30th November 2021 at 18.30 and everyone is welcome to attend.


1    Apologies
2    Agree minutes from last meeting 03/12/2020
3    Set precept for 2022
4    Area partnership fund still available, deadline 02/11/2021 
5    Queens Jubilee celebration 02/06/2022 
6    Grass cutting contract and update
7    Update on institute renovations and future cleaning
8    New notice board to be installed
9    Unity authority update
10  Do we need more litter bins?
11  Better buses strategy 
12  L
ocal nature recovery strategy/ planting trees 
13  YLCA have moved
14  Social events for the village

17 November 2021Yoga Classes in the Institute, Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:30am

With the re-opening of The Institute, Yoga Classes are now being held there each Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 10:30am.

Anyone interested in attending should contact Deborah (the yoga teacher) on 07850 447092 or Vicky on 01677 460018 or email

17 November 2021Thornton Steward Institute Re-opens!

After months of closure due to Covid-19, The Institute is now open once again and available for use by walkers and visitors to the area. Tea and coffee making facilities are available and the Institute can be hired for social events, music, dance and exercise classes or small parties.

A copy of the Thornton Steward Institute Foundation Mission Statement and Policies can be seen and downloaded by clicking here and a copy of the booking form for hiring the Institute can be downloaded by clicking here.


09 November 2021URGENT! Area Partnership Fund - Suggestions Welcome!

Grants of up to £1,000 are available for local community projects. The Area Partnership Fund has previously supported village halls, flood prevention work, scout groups and many other causes, but time is running out. The closing date for applications is Thursday 2nd December 2021

For further details and how to apply, please click on the image below:



There have been many changes in Thornton Steward over the past few years. One has been that Covid provided the opportunity to make changes to The Institute and improve the fabric of the building. With an internal makeover underway by Alec and after cleaning, it is due to be reopened.

Secondly, a number of the Trustees of the TSIF have moved to new pastures and it is good to welcome new people to start to enjoy the facility. New Trustees from the whole of the Parish are needed.

Because of the legal changes that were finally completed in 2019, it means that the onerous requirement that they have a liability is now removed. In the past, the Trustees and supporters have organised community activities from fetes to themed dinners; ceilidhs; barbecues to yoga, pilates and table tennis and public health courses.

The main income over the past few years has been from walkers/ramblers and it is very much on their map. Coffee and tea making facilities were available via a donation and this will be reinstated.

Help is always needed on a rota basis to monitor the kitchen and the toilets so that both these and the income of the facility can be maintained. All practical skills are most welcomed as they are so useful in the upkeep of the building. If we do not get new Trustees very soon it places a heavy burden on just two Trustees and two helpers who are residents in Thornton Steward.

Please consider joining them. Have a chat with Jim Brierley – the Chairperson – who can pass you information about it. Tel. 01677 460066 

For And On Behalf Of The Trustees of The Thornton Steward Institute Foundation

06 September 2021Meeting at Old Hall Cottage on Sunday 12 September at 3pm to discuss Church Services in Thornton Steward

Pre-Covid, services in Thornton Steward were monthly, March – December. 

This meeting has been planned in order that parish residents' views can be heard on what is wanted regarding church services in Thornton Steward.

It will be held at Old Hall Cottage (the home of Richard and Sue Calvert) on Sunday 12th September at 3pm and there will be CAKE!

30 August 2021Wheels 2 Work

Wheels 2 Work is a not for profit moped loan scheme, that helps people get to work, apprenticeships, or training, where no other form of transport is available.
Eligible candidates receive a moped after they have completed the compulsory basic training (CBT).

To be eligible for the scheme you must:

- Live in Hambleton, Harrogate or Richmondshire areas
- Be 16 or over
- Require transport to travel to work, apprenticeships or training
- Have a daily journey that is a practical distance for a moped
- Have no other suitable from of transport
- Have a provisional licence

During the loan period candidates are encouraged to save up for their own transport to maintain access to the workplace.

How much will it cost?

Riders are required to make a weekly contribution starting at £25.00.  For this sum, candidates are provided with:

- A Moped
- Fully comprehensive insurance
- Road tax
- Full moped servicing

Riders will also need to make an initial contribution of £40 towards safety equipment (which includes a helmet, motorcycle jacket, trousers, gloves and reflective jacket if required). 

A bond of £150 will also be required which will usually be refunded when you leave the scheme subject to certain conditions e.g user contributions being up to date etc. 


If you live in Hambleton, Harrogate or Richmondshire areas and wish to apply for Wheels 2 Work please Apply Online.

If you have any other queries please email, or call 01609 780458.

30 August 2021Rehabilitation services for people who suffer from alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction.

Our Parish Clerk has received an email from Boris Mackey, community outreach manager at Rehab 4 Addiction, which is an advisory and referral service for people who suffer from alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction. 

Boris described how he and his colleagues assist thousands of people experiencing issues with addiction and/or mental health and that they are always looking at ways of capturing the attention of others who may not be aware of the organisation's existence.

They have put together a resource page on their website for people living in North Yorkshire who may be experiencing such issues and it can be found here:

(This can also be found on our village website 'Links' page.)

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